‘Pepper’ In Assembly

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Government is planning to direct the police to confine its men to non lethal weapons against the protesters. It was announced by law and parliamentary affairs minister Mir Saifullah in the legislative assembly on Monday. He alleged that youth in Kashmir are being “exploited by vested interests” so they indulge in stone pelting.

Normal business was disturbed in the state legislative assembly on Monday morning when the opposition Peoples Democratic party (PDP) demanded an immediate ban on the use of Pepper Gas against the protesters. The party raised anti government slogans and alleged that the authorities are hell bent to “kill kashmiris by Pepper”.

Pepper gas nowadays is being discussed almost in every house of Srinagar, Barmulla, Sopore, Islamabad and Bandipora where police and forces use it freely against what police calls “miscreants”.

A 50 year old “lady miscreant” lost her life last week after suffocation caused in her house by the Pepper gas in Aali Kadel Area of the city.

Police defends the use of pepper gas against the protesters saying it is a non lethal weapon. The police spokesman told Kashmir Life, “Pepper gas does not kill.”

“We have been informed by the DRDO that they have designed the weapon and it is non-lethal,” the spokesman said adding, “Given the reportage in the media on the issue, it was discussed recently.”

In Jammu where the state legislature is in session, the PDP alleged that pepper gas is being used randomly against Kashmiris though it is banned elsewhere in India.

After sloganeering and protests for some time the speaker Mubarak Gul assured a government response on the issue after the question hour ends. Later when the question hour ended and the speaker announced the zero hour, Javed Mustafa Mir of PDP went into the well and demanded an immediate government response. His party colleagues supported him and house again witnessed an uproar.

Mir Saifullah reacting on behalf of the government informed the house that the youth are being exploited by the “vested interests” in Kashmir and they indulge in stone pelting. He revealed that the state government is planning to direct the police that it should use only nonlethal weapons against the protesters.

Interestingly in July 2010, the state police introduced the dreaded Pepper gas as a lonlethel option to contain and curb the protests in Kashmir.


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