Pestering Posters

By Samiullah Chraloo

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“They” say Tourism is the ‘so called’ backbone of our economy/adequacy. It’s been over six months since elections were held in Kashmir. However walls, utility poles, public washrooms, city-centre Lal Chowk and elsewhere in city, is imparting grisly glimpse of our city, courtesy the posters, which agents of candidates pasted ante and amid elections.

First of all, in this age of sophisticated digital media, the contesting candidates, probably, don’t need to paste those posters everywhere and all around consequently making the already dirty city more dirtier.

There are plenty of other commodious ways to promulgate your message of contesting in the elections.

At the same time elections are state-sponsored and therefore broadcast media is also/always at the dispensation of contesting candidates. In addition, government is providing them with ‘outdoor media’ like billboards, AR advertising.

Apparently, they have everything in their duffel and probably they could survive with city lingering little less dirtier.

Ok! Now that they still might feel insecure despite having almost all portion of media (above mentioned and more) at their service and they might go along, in future too, with their above mentioned practice but what they could have done is that after elections were over, they could have used a very little money (very little money in contrast to what they use during elections) to blot-out those dangling posters from all-over the Srinagar city.

This probably could have made our city a little less dirtier and I guess, none would had raised objections or would had problems with that!

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