PHE urges people to use water judiciously


Public Health Engineering (PHE) Department, Kashmir today urged people to use water judiciously as restoration of Sindh Extension Canal—feeding water to the major water treatment plants of Srinagar City was underway.

In a statement issued here, the PHE department informed that the department was aiming to avoid total disruption of water supply to the plants in Srinagar—having a capacity of about 50 MGD. The major plants Rangil, Aulstang & Pokhribal and WSS Hadoor’a, Wakura got damaged on 2m December 2019 at Malshahibagh (Gancgrbal).

The Department took urgent steps for temporary restoration of water supply so as to ensure minimum possible disruption to the water supply.

“Since the main canal is under the scope of the I&FC department, the permanent restoration work is in progress,” officials said.

They said that the PHE Department, Kashmir has made elaborate arrangements by laying of HDPE pipes for bypassing the damaged portion besides activating a bypass channel ensuring that people ace minimum facilities.

Pertinently the department is already in process of laying a separate 1200mm DIA raw water main under the AMRUT programme from forebay of Ganderbal Power House to Rangil treatment Plant at a Cost of 20.66 Crore which is at an advanced stage of completion.

In view of the recent developments, the executing agency has been directed expedite the work which will resolve the possibility of future disruptions.

Meanwhile, tanker services have also been pressed into service and any problem with regard to shortage of water is catered by supplying water through tanker service.

In order to supply water judiciously under the prevailing circumstances, timings have been fixed for the supply of water till full restoration of the damaged portion is achieved.

The officials said that the water shall be provided into two shifts i.e. 6 AM to 9 AM and 5 PM to 8 PM.

People are requested to use water judiciously and cooperate with the department.

In case of any problem regarding supply of water to the general public, the Department shall be reached out on the following contact numbers.

CE PHE Kashmir: 9419176829; SE Hyd. Srinagar/Ganderbal: 9419010630;  Executive Engineer Water Works Div. : 9469545842;  Executive Engineer WS Master Plan Div. : 9419009340;  Executive Engineer RWS Ganderbal : 9419007236; Technical Officer to CE : 9419661472;  Nodal Officer Direction Office: 9419081564; ABE NWR : 9419018704; Main Control Room: 0194-2452047, 0194-2477207

Keeping in view of the above, the Chief Engineer PHE Kashmir is personally monitoring the progress on daily basis.


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