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Social Royal Voluntary environmental service (SRVES) a NGO working in the field of society and environment is going to file a PIL on Monday against Secretariat move.

According to the NGO, “As all of we know this year  Kashmir was stuck by devastating  flood water and various districts along with Srinagar city was  submerged in flood, the Secretariat move at this stage  will prove to be one more disaster for Kashmiris and aptly shows that government is running away from its duties.”

“Kashmir needs the presence of concerned departments at this time when people are left with no homes and are spending nights in open black dark sky.  The proper rehabilitation of the people could be made possible only if the concerned departments which are required for the allocation of funds, essential services etc are to be housed here in Kashmir,” the NGO said.

A statement of the NGO further said, “we have learnt from past experiences that  with the secretariat move there is only winter secretariat put open her in Kashmir, government must understand the graveness of the matter, it is not like previous years move, this year the lives of lacs and thousands of people are at stake as harsh winters are on  set and they are residing inside the temporary shelters (Tents).”

The NGO has requested the government of Jammu and Kashmir to reconsider its decision for this year’s Move for the departments which are needed for the rehabilitation purposes in Kashmir. “It would be in the interest of majority of Kashmiris who have been left devastated by the floods else we are going for PIL on Monday against the secretariat move,” the NGO said.

Darbar Move is a regular exercise of shifting the secretariat and all the government offices from Srinagar to Jammu and vice versa in the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It involves housing offices from May to October in State’s summer capital, Srinagar and rest six months in its winter capital, Jammu.  The folklore of Move was started by Maharaja Ranbir Singh during the Dogra rule in 1872.


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