‘PM Modi will Help us at Every Stage,’ says CM Mufti at Party Headquarters



Chief Minister Mufti Muhammad Sayeed Wednesday said that despite facing “various sensitive issues” in the past six months, the PDP-BJP alliance has “sailed through smoothly”.

“We have witnessed various sensitive issues in the past six months. But our ministers and administrative officers played good role and we passed through these sensitive issues peacefully,” Mufti said here after visiting his party headquarters at Emporium Lane (Polo View), for the first time after becoming chief minister.

The chief minister applauded the role of his ministers and administrative officers for putting in serious efforts to run the government smoothly in the past six months.

Mufti, who addressed the party workers for the first time after being elected to head the state, explained the need to form alliance with the BJP.

Mufti said, “the alliance was formed to bring people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh regions closer to each other.”

“We have formed the alliance to integrate all the three region of the state so that people of the three regions live in peace and harmony with each other,” Mufti said here after visiting his party headquarters at Emporium Lane (Polo View) for the first time after becoming chief minister.

Mufti said that PDP- BJP government has started working with transparency and equality for all the three regions.

Mufti, who was accompanied by the Minister for Roads and Buildings, Syed Altaf Bukhari, said, “the Government has started an era of development in the state, which is visible from the black topped roads across the state.”

Mufti said that the gun was no option to address any issue.

“Had gun solved any issue, there would not have been destruction in Iraq, Syria and other Muslim countries. Even Pakistan has now been curbing the terrorism in the country as it has played very destructive role for the Pakistan as well for its people,” he said.

He said that Islam was a message of peace and there is no justification of the violence in the religion.

Terming India as the “biggest secular country”, he said, “Jammu and Kashmir would have lost the path of the progress and development had it been separated from India in 1947.”

“India is the largest secular state where 17 Crore Muslims live. People of the state in 1947 chose India to live in its secular fabric. Similarly, J&K is a secular state where people live in harmony,” he said.

While applauding Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mufti said that he would bring India to the next stage of the development.

“Modi-led NDA government has started various developmental programs for the country as well for the state of J&K. Modi has a vast agenda and is serious to help the people of the state at every stage,” he said.

Mufti also condemned the lynching of Muslim man in UP by a mob on the rumours of storing beef in his home.

“Everybody has condemned the act. We hope such things won’t repeat in any part of the country again and people of different sects and religions will leave in harmony,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mufti praised the role of Syed Altaf Bukhari in developing and macadamising the roads in the state that were severely damaged in the September floods last year. (KNS)


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