Senior CPI (M) leader and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami has described Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Kashmir visit as far behind the expectations raised by the PDP-BJP coalition government.

In a statement, Tarigami said that while overall development including mitigating peoples’ hardships and reconstruction after floods is important it was imperative that the political aspect of problem should have been the focus of Prime Minister’s visit.

“It was disheartening that the Prime Minister did not even touch political dimension of Kashmir issue. It was also expected that the Prime Minister will at least refer to the opening of the stalled dialogue between India and Pakistan, as the growing hostilities between the two countries and tension on borders is directly affecting lives of the people in the State,” Tarigami said.

“At present there is a country-wide deep concern over the rising intolerance and lack of accommodation and the same has negatively affected the psyche of Kashmiri people. The Prime Minister was expected to break his silence on this crucial situation facing the whole country,” Tarigami observed adding that he should have addressed this public concern but he chose to ignore it conveniently. “All this indicates that the hype given to his visit proved quite disappointing.”

Tarigami quoted an Urdu verse to sum up his take on PM Modi’s visit, “Buhot shore sunte the, pehloo main dilka, Jo cheera tou ek qatrae khoon niqla.” (There was a lot of noise in the heart- when opened; just a drop of blood flowed out).


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