PM Package: ‘PDP Befooled People to Come to Power,’ says KTMF



Muhammad Yaseen Khan
Muhammad Yaseen Khan

Terming the government plan of giving mere Rs 2000 Crore rehabilitation package as “insult to the injury” of flood hit people of Kashmir, the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation President Mohammed Yasin Khan Friday said, “PDP befooled people only to come to power.”

“What we have learnt is that Rs 800 Crore are for affected shopkeepers and Rs 1200 Crore for damaged houses. What will each of the flood hit get when the total number of affected families is 15 lakhs?” Khan questioned in a KTMF statement this afternoon.

Khan, who also heads his faction of Kashmir Economic Alliance, said, “it was clear beyond any doubt that PDP befooled people. When relief and rehabilitation should have been the priority, the PDP said ‘elections would bring better government which would work for the flood affected’. What happened to that promise? It is clear that PDP stressed on untimely elections only to come in power,” he said.

“After coming to power, the agenda of PDP is to be in power either by hook or crook. It has done it by sabotaging the rehabilitation of the flood victims as this conspiracy will serve the RSS plan of keeping the people of Kashmir suppressed,” Khan added. “PDP has realized that to keep Kashmiris suppressed, the only thing move ideal was to sabotage their rehabilitation so that the flood victims particularly the traders community continues to struggle for the revival,” the KTMF President said.

He said, “by not pleading that case of Rs 44,000 Crore package as was sought by the then government the PDP has served the interests of their RSS masters in Nagpur.”

Khan clarified that KTMF and the KEA were not silent spectators to the “anti-people policy of the ruling coalition” but that the forum would soon announce its future course of action by addressing a press conference.

“Basically through this so called rehab package this corrupt government wants to fill coffers of their corrupt ministers and officers and this we will not tolerate,” Khan cautioned.

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