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Locals of Mohra, Uri Wednesday alleged that the construction of road by PMGSY is resulting in landslides in the area which are threat to human lives.

They said that the debris of the road is being dumped in Mohra nallah, which has resulted in filling of the stream.

“The debris has filled the bottom of Mohra river and it has resulted in change of course in water which is flowing down the nallah,” a local said.

“1 Masjid, 1 Mandir and three houses belonging to Muhammad Aslam Tantray, Ab Rahman Tantray and Mehraj-Ud-Din Tantray are vulnerable to get dumped in the soil due to landslides,” he added.

Meanhwile, Tehsildar Uri G M Khatana said that the people of the areas viz Upper Garkot, upper Nambla, Gohalan, Navarunda and Gowalta in Uri which are cut off due to continuous raining for last two days have been advised to stay indoors for safety.

He added the road connecting Srinagar to Muzaffarabad have been cleared off and traffic movement is on.


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