Police arrest JKLF chairman from Srinagar


Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Monday was arrested by the state police ahead of the second phase of Panchayat elections in Kashmir parts.

Police arrests Yasin Malik on November 19, 2018

The spokesman said that this afternoon police arrived at JKLF office and arrested Malik. According to police he has been arrested in connection with the ongoing Panchayat elections. Prior to his arrest, JKLF chairman while talking to media person said that Kashmir has been turned into a police state in the name of democracy and everyone who raises his or her voice of dissent against it is being arrested, tortured and tormented.

While appealing people to boycott ongoing Panchayat elections, JKLF chairman said that elections under “hegemony” are responsible for our prolonged miseries and thus we should always stay away from this process. It is pertinent to mention that after arrest, JKLF chairman has been shifted to police station Maisuma.

Before his arrest, JKLF chairman participated in a congregational prayers meeting held in memory of Aali- Kadal “martyrs” at Martyrs Graveyard Eid-Gah Srinagar. He also participated in a blood donation camp at Abi-Guzar.


  1. Yasin Malik is a very important leader. That is what he thinks. In actuality he is just another militant and nothing more than that. All separatist leaders are sf styled leaders who have done irreparable damage to Kashmir and Kashmiris. God should bestow upon all of them a good sense to understand what is what and who is who and on who’s directions are they doing all this. We can only pray for a good sense for them.


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