Police arrests vehicle lifter, recovers 10 stolen cars



Jammu and Kashmir police on Tuesday claimed to have arrested a vehicle lifter from Budgam district of central Kashmir and recovered ten cars, a lorry and three motorcycles from his possession.

The spokesman in a statement said police station Khan Sahab apprehended a burglar identified as Abdul Hamid of Rawalpora, Budgam and recovered 11 vehicles, three motorcycles, six CCTV cameras and a laptop from his possession.

The spokesman added that during questioning a huge cache of stolen vehicles and electronic items worth lakhs were recovered from the possession of the accused person.

The cache includes the following vehicles and electronic items.

“Alto Car NO. HR 061/8102 Chassis No. MA3EYD1500535336. Engine No. F8DN4076760, Maruti 800, Engine No.F8B1N2880113.Chasis No. 3A3ECA1ZS02454748 [silver colour), Maruti 800, Engine No. F8B1N3553969 Chasis No. SB308-IN 2342023(white colour), Maruti 800 JK04/7320 Engine No. F10DN4180888 Chassis No. 357295(light silver car), Maruti 800 JK04/3756 Engine No F8BIN-3246408 Chassis No SB-3081N-2241626, Maruti 800 JK01E/7393 chassis No. SB- 308IN-2334659, Maruti 800 JK05A/4554 Engine No. F8BIN-2796701 Chassis No. SB-308IN-2405833, Maruti 800 JK01G/4814 Chassis No. SB308IN-227957, Maruti 800 JK04/7320 chassis No. SB308IN – 1958404N (silver colour), Maruti 800 engine No. F8 BIN -3353969 chassis No. SB308IN2342023, Tata Mobile JK04C/1979 engine No 497SP38EWY629061 chassis No. MAT374466d9e13932, Motor-cycle FZ (colour red),Motor-cycle Pulsor (colour black), Motor-cycle Pulsor (colour black),One laptop Lenovo (silver colour), CCTV cameras 06 No’s. (Clear HD),” the spokesman mentioned in a statement.

“A case has been registered. Further investigation is going on,” he said.


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