Police Clueless About HSHS Incident

KL Report


Police is still clueless about the militants involved in the killing of two cops at the busy Hari Singh High Street (HSHS) on Saturday.

Sources told CNS that police for questioning called various vendors and shopkeepers, however have got no clue to trace or identify the militants behind that bloody attack.

A police official on condition of anonymity told CNS that they had not arrested any vendor or shopkeeper in this regard but just called few of them for questioning. “We have so far questioned few of the vendors and shopkeeper present at the time of incident. Investigation is going on and hopefully we will pick up the thread,” he said.

He revealed that so far police has got no clue in this regard.

Pertinently, two policemen from Police Station Shaheed Gunj, Muhammad Maqbool Mir, (971/S) and Nazir Ahmad Hajam (1405/S) were killed when two pistol borne youth opened fire on them from point-blank range near Hari Singh High Street on Saturday.


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