Police Foils JKLF Peace March; Malik Arrested In Nocturnal Raid


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To foil its protest against VDC ‘terrorism’, election politics and communal riots in Kishtwar and Jammu regions, police and forces arrested JKLF chairman Mohammad Yasin Malik during a nocturnal raid on Sunday.

However, despite police curbs JKLF supporters led by advocate Bashir Ahmad Bhat took out a peaceful protest march on Monday. The march started from JKLF headquarters in Maisuma and after passing through Madina Chowk and Haji Masjid reached Budshah chowk.

At Budshah Chowk police and forces in large numbers had cordoned the roads leading to Lal Chowk and stopped the march and arrested Bhat along with two dozen supporters.

Before his arrest Bhat alleged that pro-election parties were engaged in dividing Kashmir on religious, sectarian and regional lines. “For their petty electoral benefits these people are dividing the society. This is what has been done from Kishtwar to Jammu. Communal forces are hell bent upon to destroy our unity but we as a nation have to stand up and safeguard our unity,” he said.

“VDC is a notorious force that has been created by New Delhi. It is using guns and support of India in terrorizing the common people in Jammu region. This force has been seen active in spreading communal politics and killing people. Today our protest is to impress upon the rulers to disband and disarm this anti people force immediately,” he added.

Bhat also warned that if rulers fail to curb and stop the ‘election divisive politics, VDC terrorism and communal forces’, the situation will worsen and every responsibility will lie on the shoulders of the rulers. While condemning the arrest of Malik, he said that the rulers are not allowing them to even demonstrate politically and show solidarity with brethren in Jammu region.

He said that today the saner elements of Jammu will have to show some courage, stand up and play their positive role in restoring peace and harmony in Jammu. “We cannot let those elements who for their petty benefits and electoral politics want to divide us in the name of sect, religion or region to succeed in their ill designs,” he said.


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