Police foils Muharrum procession, uses batons and tear gas

KL Report


Police and paramilitary troopers used batons and fired tear gas to disperse hundreds of people from participating in Muharram processions in the Shahid Gunj area of the city.

Earlier authorities imposed strict restrictions many parts of the civil lines area to prevent gatherings on Wednesday.

Locals said that authorities had imposed Article 144, but nobody was allowed to move twards Lal Chowk area and it was curfew like situation in most of the parts of Srinagar.

Police sources said that scuffles erupted when police and paramilitary forces tried to stop the marchers. They said some marchers chanting religious slogans retaliated by hurling stones at the police.

They said that at least twelve people were arrested to thwart their attempt to organize a procession.


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