Police intercept ambulance in Sgr carrying slain youth, video goes viral

Srinagar: As the Chadoora encounter ensued for several hours consuming 4 lives including three civilians, reports emerged that a group of cops of J&K Police intercepted an ambulance carrying the mortal remains of Zahid Rashid—a youth killed in the clashes near the encounter site— at Srinagar’s busy Jahangir Chowk. A teenage boy who attended the dead body inside the ambulance has shot a video of the police action.

The moment video was uploaded on Facebook it attracted instantaneous attention and outrage of the netizens.

The video shows the boy reporting the scenes that erupted due to the police interception. He starts saying you can see how much “zulm” (oppression) is happening with Kashmiris. In the backdrop a woman is heard shrieking and forcefully urging the cops to allow them to go. The cops parked many vehicles in front of the ambulance, the video shows. The other attendants are seen arguing with the cops who seem adamant in their approach.

The boy says, “We want freedom.” He also criticizes the non-intervention of the pedestrians and traders who seem to be busy with their work. “You can see how cowardly these people are, they are watching like spectators” he insists while directing the camera towards the open market.

The cops have snatched the keys of the ambulance, he says. The lady accompanying the dead body too shows her anger as her words suggest.

The video shows that the boy rejects the request of cops to stop filming the scenes.

As the attendant tries to take driver’s seat, cops storm the window to stop him which leads to brief fist fight between the two sides. The video has been widely circulated on Facebook and Twitter.

The people are making outrageous comments against the cops for their action. Many termed it as “shameful action” of cops.


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