Police Public Mela: Here are the winners

JAMMU: Results of 8968 raffle draw prizes of Police Public Mela were announced at Gulshan Ground here this evening. The draw was held in presence of large gathering of people from all shades of life.

Lucky draw numbers for prizes of different categories were held in presence of Director General of Police, Dr S P Vaid, Chairperson, J&K Police Wives Welfare Association, Mrs Bharti Vaid, senior police officers and lady members of PWWA.

The first prize (8-Cars) Swift Dzire were won by ticket numbers A-07951, B-03520, C-05689, D-47985, E-63685,  F-95251, G-81804 and H-15912.

2nd prize (8-Cars) Wagon-R were bagged by ticket numbers A-73162, B-19396, C-65606, D-55797, E-33030,  F-05594, G-65562 and H-48652.

The 3rd prize (8-Cars) Alto-800 were won by ticket numbers A-83060, B-49700, C-16741, D-18213, E-26657, F-37068, G-14151 and H-32300.

4th prize (8-Scootes) were won by A-36757, B-57720, C-90709, D-37306, E-27600,  F-51417, G-54020 and H-57685.

5th prize (8-Motor Cycles) went to ticket numbers A-71506, B-16489, C-21834, D-41966, E-23586, F-54422, G-26230 and H-20627.

The 6th prize (8-Laptops) went to ticket numbers A-48661, B-05804, C-44987, D-70382, E-24278,  F-60041, G-77138 and H-48640.

The 7th prize (8-LEDs 32”) went to ticket numbers A-36624, B-83674, C-91040, D-39729, E-20324, F-18364, G-30612 and H-09644.

The 8th prize (8-Refrigerators) were won by ticket numbers A-12978, B-75180, C-36791, D-82756, E-74023, F-98278,G-93914 and H-65609.

The 9th prize (8-Tabs) were bagged by ticket numbers A-16552, B-25494, C-01960, D-69843, E-65574, F-06003, G-12434 and H-97723.

The 10th prize (8-Smart Phones) were bagged by ticket numbers A-07117, B-32102, C-32907, D-62492, E-56724,  F-38393, G-77587 and H-27421.

The 11th Prize, (8-Cash Prizes of Rs.5000) went to ticket numbers A-55015, B-76575, C-39962, D-70740, E-51822, F-80857,G-81563 and H-73732.

Accordingly 12th Prize, (80-Cash Prizes of Rs.1000) went to  ticket numbers with last four digits 2925.

Likewise 13th prize (800-Cash Prizes of Rs.500) went to tickets having last three digits 355.

14th Prize (8000- Cash Prizes of Rs.200) went to ticket numbers having last two digits 97.

Prize winners have been advised to approach the AIG (Welfare) PHQ, along with original tickets to receive the prizes during office hours.

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