Police Sarpanch nexus to promote drugs in Kakapora

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A police officer caught a civilian when he was coming out of the Police Station Kakapora in South Kashmir’s Pulwama district with banned codeine syrups wrapped in a newspaper. The arrested person confessed that a police constable handed over these syrups to him for a Sarpanch of the area, Fayaz Ahmed Dar.

The initial investigation has revealed that police constable of Kakapora police station Syed Ahmed used to supply the same drugs in lieu of cash to Sarpanch, which police had seized in 2012 from drug peddlers.

It may be recalled that Kakapora police had seized at least 1250 Codeine syrups in 2012 from drug peddlers and had registered a case vide FIR number 140/2012 in this regard. This seized drug was placed in a store room of the police station and the accused police constable used to supply the same codeine bottles to National Conference Sarpanch of Ward 19 A Kakapora Fayaz Dar.

Police sources said that an aide of National Conference Sarpanch, Feroz Ahmed Dar son of Bashir Ahmed entered into police station Kakapora empty handed. As he was coming out, Guard Commander, Kakapora police station stopped him at the gate and asked him to show what he had hidden in the newspaper. To his surprise, the man revealed that he was sent by the Sarpanch of the area to collect the banned drugs from a policeman.

Police sources said, the man was immediately put behind the bars and the policeman involved in the act was too locked up. They added, the Sarpanch of the Ward 19 A Kakapora, Fayaz Dar alias Painter alias Faizan was called to police station for questioning. As he admitted that the man was sent by him to collect the banned drugs, he was arrested and put behind the bars.

Sources said that police was shocked after checking cell-phone of the said Sarpanch. The cell-phone contained porn video clips which according to locals police deleted later on to stop them from spreading.

Sources said that police has arrested four persons so for including the police constable. The accused have been identified as National Conference Sarpanch Fayaz Dar son of Abdul Khaliq, his aide Sajad Dar son of Ghulam Hassan, Feroz Dar son of Bashir Ahmed and police constable Syed Ahmed.

Sources said that police is investigating the matter as there are apprehensions that said Sarpanch might be involved in black mailing females of the area.

When contacted Chowki Officer Kakapora said that the police is investigating the matter. “We have registered a case vide FIR number 10/2014 and are thoroughly investigating the matter,” he said.

A Kakapora resident said on the condition of anonymity that the accused Sarpanch is infamous in the area as everyone knows about his habits and tastes. “To befool people and police, the accused Sarpanch with the help of his aide Sajad Dar operates a facebook page titled, ‘Crime Reporter of Kashmir’. By operating this page the accused Sarpanch tries to give an impression that he is against the crime in society,” he said.

Locals added that during 2010 agitation, the said Sarpanch was responsible for arson and in Kakapora area. “This Sarpanch played a leading role in setting government buildings including Community Information Centre, Block Development Office, Girls School Building, Police Chowki and Nayabat Office on fire in Kakapora,” they said and demanded stern action against him and his associates.

Dy SP Headquarters Sajad Ahmed told CNS that police has arrested the Sarpanch and his associates and police constable Syed Ahmed. “Police had seized some 1250 codeine syrups in 2012 and a case vide FIR number 140/2012 was registered that time. One of our Guard Commanders apprehended police constable red handed while he was trying to take out 10 codeine bottles from police station and during questioning the said constable confessed that these codeine bottles were meant for Sarpanch Fayaz Dar,” he said.  (CNS)

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