Political corruption

In developing nations corruption and corrupt practices flow down from political system to other institutions of governance. It works much like a food-chain pyramid with the body of political executive at the top and the broad base of ground level administrative workers with the permanent executive filling its middle. Corruption at the top breed more corruption down the line, the reverse however has been least attested in different economies.
Even though some economists believe that in developing nations corruption still leads to development as resources taken away by corrupt means ultimately are utilized within the same system, however the fact remains that these resources remain at the disposal of very few rather than reaching the common have-nots of the society.
Of late, the state saw some action being taken against corrupt officials of state administrative machinery. Many lower and a few middle rung administrative workers were booked under law, some have been put under scanner and in many cases investigations are going on. So far so good. However, given the scale of corruption prevalent in the society, this is a mere eye wash. Secondly in the wake of widespread corruption among the political executives of the coalition government, no enquiry was initiated against any politician, leave apart booking these under law.
A number of complaints filed against ministers and top bureaucrats of the state are lying with the State Accountability Commission (SAC), however, no action has been taken even in a single case for reasons obvious to everyone. Politically motivated inertia has been infused into SACs functioning to shield the powerful. The formation of much hyped State Vigilance Commission (SVC) created a hope among the general public, but unfortunately it has so far been a toothless tiger, with nothing worthwhile to its credit.
With the 2014 state assembly elections approaching, the political parties have already began the process of muscle building by garlanding people without any regard to their credentials. Morality adored in political statements, unfortunately remains restricted to words that disappear in thin air. Such practices lead to a vicious circle of corrupt bringing corrupt into political arena breeding more corruption.
The ideal of justice that stands as bedrock of democracy professed for good of common man is lost in such a system. Common man continues to suffer, because corruption takes deep roots, for the middle and lower level government officials enjoy the patronage of the corrupt political bosses for their corrupt practices.
The state is trying to come out of more than two decades of developmental inertia. The political parties rather than bringing in the powerful but notorious and corrupt into their folds should go to the public arena with an agenda of corrupt free institutions of governance for the larger good of the society.


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