Dr Muhammad Qasim Faktoo, Ameer Muslim Deeni Mahaz, Monday said the ‘political gimmicks’ of MLA Engineer Rasheed are much more ‘dangerous’ than NC and PDP.

“Jammu Kashmir has no flag. The red flag with a plough and three lines is a mark of the disputed accession of Jammu and Kashmir with India and the furling of this flag gives India a legal status in Jammu and Kashmir. People should not be led astray by these treacherous designs of Engineer Rashid. Earlier, Rashid had filed a PIL in court through a prominent lawyer, for a separate Republic Day for Jammu and Kashmir,” he said in a statement through his spokesperson.

“The Constitution of the state is not the Constitution of the people because in this Constitution under Article 3 Jammu Kashmir has been shown as a part of India. Jammu Kashmir Assembly is the representative of India in Jammu and Kashmir. There we wish to awake people against these conspiracies as this Engineer is only concerned about hogging media headlines,” he alleged.

“It is this Engineer Rashid who voted for the killers of Afzal Guru, the Congress. Indian agencies have given a role to Engineer Rashid that is to use the language of pro-freedom leadership and hijack their agenda,” Qasim added.


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