Poor Airtel, Aircel Connectivity Sparks Protest



The severe connectivity problem in mobile services at North Kashmir’s Pattan town and its adjoining areas sparked protest on Friday.

Protesters from Pattan town and its adjoining areas including Mundyari, Rud Mohalla, Maula Abad, Zadi Mohalla and Tul Bagh Colony appeared here in Press Enclave Srinagar and alleged that poor Airtel and Aircel connectivity is causing huge problems to the subscribers.

The protesters told CNS that due to severe connectivity problem in these areas call gets connected rarely. The protesters said that they were facing the problem in mobile services of all networks, including Airtel and Aircel for past over 7-months now. “We don’t know whom to complain to,” said Nisar Ahmed of Mundyari adding that their cell phones start working only when they are out of the area.

“My Airtel number 9906—— never works when I am present at my home,” said another resident of Mundayri Pattan Sajad Ahmed. “There are all but 4000 subscribers who have been availing the services of Airtel and Aircel. Aircel sometimes works but Airtel connectivity is totally a source of nuisance,” he said.

“If we make a call from our mobile to get a desired number, we get the same only after trying a number of times. Same holds true about someone, who may try our numbers,” he said.

“Those who try to get our number are greeted with inbuilt voices like the number you are trying to reach is not available and sometimes the number does not exist,” said another protester adding, “And when it does connect after repeated attempts, we have to bear with the weak signal, as a result of which we hardly listen to the voice of the person on the opposite side or simply the call is dropped.

They said that even after approaching the higher ups of Airtel, the problem still persists. “Nobody from Airtel is ready to listen to us, leave aside redressing the problem,” they said.

Meanwhile, scores of Srinagarities have also come with the same complains. They claim that the network breaks half way while they are speaking using Airtel and Aircel SIM cards. “It is ridiculous when we call customer care executives they feign ignorance about the matter,” a local said.


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