‘Take Care of Our Sentiments while Dealing with India,’ Sallahuddin tells Pakistan



Syed Sallahuddin

Thanking Pakistan for extending political, moral and diplomatic support to the “Kashmiris’ struggle for freedom”, United Jihad Council Chief Syed Sallahuddin Friday said Pakistan has reiterated its support for “Kashmir Cause by observing 5th February as solidarity day”.

In a statement to CNS, Syed Salahuddin said, “Pakistan is basic party of Kashmir dispute and being a party this country has every legal and constitutional right to support and help the people of Kashmir. Indian leadership and some disgruntled elements from Pakistan are busy in discouraging and misleading people of Pakistan about the Hurriyat leadership of Kashmir, however by observing Kashmir Day, Pakistan has sent a message to Kashmiri people that they are not alone and Pakistan is always at their back.”

Addressing a meeting convened by Jihad Council Syed Salahuddin appealed Pakistan to care of “aspirations and sentiments of people of Kashmir while dealing with India”. “Some elements have been ignoring the historical and legal facts and are trying to diminish the role of freedom fighters in Kashmir. People in Kashmir led a peaceful struggle for 42 years but didn’t get desired results,” he said.

Lauding the role of people of Kashmir, Syed Salahuddin said that despite using all available resources “India failed to break their resolve”. “With every passing day, the struggle against India will be intensified and it will continue till it is taken to its logical conclusion,” he said.


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