Power Being Misused In Police Force By Vested Interests: Tarigami

KL Desk


Strongly condemning the police highhandedness in Laroo-Kulgam, CPI (M) state secretary and MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami has demanded a thorough magisterial enquiry over a night raid conducted by police in a house whereby it arrested two females and three men, who were beaten to pulp and kept under custody for the whole night.

In a statement issued here on Sunday, Tarigami has said the raid conducted by police party comprising of only male cops, in a sub judice civil suit matter is reflective of how the power is being misused by some elements in the police force, without bothering for the rules and regulations.

“The girls detained for the whole night have alleged harassment and torture by the police personnel which is not only condemnable but an unacceptable  blot on the whole society,”said Tarigami. The CPI (M) leader remarked that the public outcry in the area in the shape of demonstrations and sit-in is not only justified but should be responded seriously.

“This incident is a serious human rights abuse as the females were taken into custody without any lady constable accompanying the police party that raided the house. The house has been ransacked by the police where the family members were severely thrashed and the household items scattered everywhere,” Tarigami said and assured the people that the issue will be taken at the highest level in the government.

While demanding a magisterial enquiry into the incident which has unleashed reign of terror in the entire area, Tarigami has said a strong action should be taken against the party responsible for the raid and the officers who gave orders for such an action.


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