Indian Media Among all The Media In World Is Irresponsible: Geelani

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Satisfied over the present truce over the border skirmishes, chairman Hurriyat (G) Syed Ali Geelani in a statement said that If Kashmir problem is not resolved, future war and conflict between India and Pakistan, two nuclear countries cannot be ruled out.

“Unless the main and core issue is addressed, the possibility of war between the two cannot be ruled out,” said Geelani.

Castigating the politicians of India, Geelani hailed politicians of Pakistan. “Statements of Indian politicians were ridiculous, it was the politicians of Pakistan who observed sense and reacted in a decent manner and avoided the further deterioration of the already tense situation.”

Taking dig at Indian media, Geelani said that they tried their hard to create war phobia and ignored the hundreds of incidents of massacres at the hands of Indian forces in Jammu and Kashmir.

“Few soldiers of both the countries were killed in recent clashes between the two countries but the Indian media highlighted the killings of two Indian soldiers creating sensation among the people and tried to deteriorate already tense situation,” said Geelani.

“Indian media  is  irresponsible among all the media in world and they did not behave in impartial way nor do they perform their duty with sense and responsibility,” he added.

While demanding complete demilitarization, Geelani said that keeping Kashmir problem in abeyance is the root cause of border conflicts and between the two and in future may prove to be a main cause of disastrous in the region.

Referring to the wars fought between the two countries, Geelani said that  it is the Kashmir Problem which was the main cause for loss of  precious lives in four full-fledged wars including the Kargil and added that no initiative or progress was made over the core issue.

Geelani while terming the Kashmir issue a lifeline for its people said that it is to restore their birth right and their fundamental rights. “The people of Kashmir are serious enough about their right and unless their right is served and bestowed with  due honor, Kashmiris as nation cannot be contended with their lot  or terrified or taken as for granted,” said Geelani.

Advising the Indian authorities to consider the matter with cool mind,  Geelani said, “authorities in Delhi had so for tried to cow down the spirits of people of Kashmir but instead of all this our spirits are still there and even with the passage of time get more infused.”

While claiming that Kashmir as a flashpoint and a danger for the peace and prosperity of North Asia, Geelani urged upon the international bodies to impress both India and Pakistan to hold referendum in Jammu and Kashmir.


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