Power Tariff Revenue Realization Increased. Kashmir recorded 42 Per cent Increase since 2008-2009, Jammu 36.25 Per Cent.

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With 36.25 per cent increase in revenue realization from power tariff in Jammu since 2008-2009, the government today explained various steps to be undertaken in ensuring the uninterrupted power supply in the region. Not only Jammu, the increase in revenue from Kashmir is around 42 per cent.

Responding to the question of Ashok Kajuria asking government about steps taken to ensure uninterrupted power supply during the summer months in Jammu, it was stated that for eleven towns of Jammu having population more than 10,000, R-APDRP scheme has been approved  to improve the transmission and distribution system. The system will be put in place by way of re-conductoring of lines, laying of ABC cables, HVDS , etc.

Besides the house was informed that there is another scheme in pipeline for 113 towns having population more than 4000.
Giving details of other steps, the government said that there is a new 50 MVA, 132/33 KV transformer under installation at grid station Gladni which shall augment the existing 2*50 MVA, 132/33 KV transformer bank. To strengthen the network, the department is taking remodeling of 33 KV lines feeding to the system network in Jammu division which will help them to supply quality power during summer months.

This summer government has to bear the additional cost of Rs. 59.00 crores as additional power was purchased to cater growing demands of the public in Jammu.

 Government has released Rs. 2.00 crore to EM&RE Jammu Province for load bifurcation and purchase of panel sets in different receiving stations. This is done in order to avoid choking.

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