Pre-Dawn Tremor Jolts Valley



For many days now, people are sacred as earthquakes are hitting Kashmir valley, again and again.

Early Tuesday morning, when Muezzin was yet to call for pre-dawn prayers in Kashmir, a tremor shook valley around 5:38 AM.

It is third such earthquake in past few days.

Two tremors, one after the other, forced sleeping people rush for safety last Friday-Saturday intervening night. An earthquake measuring 6.5 on Richter scale hit Kashmir region along with Pakistan and Afghanistan which had its epicentre in Hindu Kush mountain range.

Although, this morning’s tremor was low intensity, it was scary.

Netizens, in the “last leg of their sweet sleep”, took to social networking sites updating about the shaking of their beds!

It was not immediately known where the epicentre lied how much it measured on Richter scale.


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