Congress Committed to Improve Basic Amenities of people Living in Hilly Areas: Saroori



G M Saroori at Sarthal

Congress state vice-president and MLA Inderwal, Ghulam Mohammad Saroori, Monday said that Gujjars and Bakerwals are the “eyes, ears and arms” of Congress party.

He said that he has made all out efforts to uplift the socio-economic condition of the community in providing educational and other infrastructural facilities to them, a statement issued by Saroori this late evening said.

Saroori today said this while addressing large public gatherings of Angara, Bhagra the remotest villages of Sarthal area of district Kishtwar.

“He had a feel of the problems confronted to the people and assessed, on-the-spot, public problems and reviewing development works coming up in the area,” the statement added.

“The mission of Congress party is to bring Gujjars to the level of their past glory and preparing them for challenges of the future. The earliest historical reference to the Gujjars as a distinct community is found in the Harsha Charita of Bana Bhat. The derivation of ‘Juzr’ or ‘Khazer’ of the Arab historians and the ‘Gheyser’ of the Jews are known to be identical with the Gujjars known to have been one time rulers of Gujarat and wide swathes of Rajasthan, the members of this community are known to have migrated to Jammu and Kashmir in 7th century AD or thereabouts and having taken to cattle rearing as their source of livelihood,” Saroori said while putting thrust that they should maintain their culture in every respect.

G M Saroori at Panthal 1

He said that “only Congress party” is committed to improve the basic amenities of the people, particularly, living in rural and hilly areas of J&K state.

Describing people as the best judges for analyzing progress registered on ground, he asserted that “revolutionary measures taken by him would definitely transform the socio-economic status of the people”, living in far flung areas. “A massive development plan has been launched and the endeavours are yielding better results on ground.”

Saroori said the Public Distribution System would be made more effective in the remote areas and directed the officers of CA&PD to ensure availability of adequate quantity of ration on the depots to avoid inconvenience to the people in these areas.

Referring to the implementation of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA scheme, he said that having immense potential for income and employment generation, the scheme is being implemented vigorously in order to cover more people in the rural areas. “Strenuous efforts are being made to get all liability under the scheme liquidated very shortly.”

“Establishing a personal chord with the people,” Saroori said that he is “seized of the problems” confronted to the people living in remote and far flung areas, assuring that these will be redressed in a phased manner. “Road connectivity is on my high agenda,” he said adding, “every part of the Inderwal would be connected with each other through a viable road network.”


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