SRINAGAR: Safoora Zargar, a pregnant Jamia Millia University scholar arrested under an anti-terror law in a case related to the Delhi violence, was granted bail today by the High Court after the police did not oppose it on “humanitarian grounds”.

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Safoora Zargar

Safoora Zargar, 27, was arrested on April 10 on conspiracy charges over the riots that broke out in February during protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act. She was granted bail but rearrested on more severe charges under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. Her arrest and incarceration provoked strong condemnation from students and activists and sharply divided social media.

The Delhi High Court today directed Safoora Zargar to not get involved in activities that may hamper the investigation. She also cannot leave Delhi without permission.

Zargar has to stay in touch with an Investigating Officer on the phone at least once in 15 days and also furnish a personal bond of Rs 10,000.

“We are thankful to the courts. I also thank our lawyers for their efforts. The family is eagerly looking forward to meet her,” NDTV quoted her husband Saboor Sirwal as having said.

According to the report, the student of M.Phil at Jamia university is five months pregnant. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta, representing the police, did not oppose her bail on humanitarian grounds. Mehta said she can be released on regular bail on humanitarian grounds but a decision had not been taken on the merits of the case and should not be made a precedent.

On Monday, the Delhi Police had opposed Ms Zargar’s bail plea saying “the severity of her offence is in no manner mitigated by the fact of her pregnancy.”

The Delhi Police, in its status report opposing her bail, said a “clear and cogent case” had been made out against her and she was accused of “grave and serious offences meticulously and surreptitiously planned and executed by her”.

The police also said she had been kept in a separate cell and the chances of her contracting coronavirus from any other person were few. To bolster its argument, the police said 39 deliveries had taken place in Delhi prisons in the last 10 years.

Zargar, a member of the Jamia Coordination Committee, had gone to the High Court after a trial court denied her bail on Thursday.

Zargar was granted bail in the case after she was initially arrested. But later she was arrested again and more serious charges were imposed on her, according to the Jamia Coordination Committee. She was accused of inciting people and bringing women and children to the streets in Jafrabad to cause riots.

The student’s lawyer told the court during arguments that she was in a delicate state and in a fairly advanced stage of pregnancy, reported NDTV.


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