Prescribe drugs in ‘Legible Capital Letters’ with signature, name and designation: Govt directs doctors

Aakash Hassan


To stop the consumption of sub-standard medicines by the patients, the state government has introduced the prescription audit through “carbonless” (3 leaves) OPD slips.

Government informed the house during the on-going budget session in the assembly that this is under process of procurement and shall be issued to each health facility to further strengthen the monitoring of the prescription Audit.

Government has also directed the doctors that the prescription shall be written in “Legible Capital Letters” with signature name and designation of the doctor.

It shall be legibly and clearly written at the bottom of the prescription.

It also mentions that the medicines should be prescribed in first place in the Health Care Institution.

Insisting on the regular audits the documents state, “Audits should be conducted atleast once in the six months.”

Standard Operating Procedure, for the treatment of the patients should be maintained by the Head of departments, the documents mention.


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