PDP Meeting

National Conference on Saturday “expressed disappointment” at the “trend of bureaucrats, government officers and JK Bank Employees” openly participating in “political meetings” of a particular political party.

“This was not only improper but also violated the principles of neutrality and objectify that government and public sector enterprise employees are governed by,” NC Spokesperson said in a party statement.

“NC had taken a very serious note of Director Education, Shah Faesal’s participation in a PDP political meeting at Gupkar recently and said the party would register a formal complaint with the Honourable Governor on Monday seeking prompt action against the participation of government officers in political events,” the spokesperson said.

“We have nothing against Shah Faesal and respect him and his achievements and that is why his participation in a political meeting at PDP President’s residence is even more disappointing. If the PDP has to interact with businessmen and entrepreneurs and advocate the party’s ideology and vision, why should the Director Education be present? This not only falls in the realm of impropriety but also calls into question his neutrality and objectivity in discharging his professional duties,” the NC Spokesperson added.

“Naeem Akhtar is not the Education Minister anymore and Mehbooba Mufti hasn’t taken over as the Chief Minister – not at least for now and Shah Faesal is not obliged to attend such political meetings. That this participation happened on a work-day, in working hours is a greater disappointment as it indicates misplaced priorities of a public servant. To ensure this trend is nipped in the bud, National Conference General Secretary  will be formally writing to the Honourable Governor N N Vohra on Monday,” the NC Spokesperson further stated.

The NC Spokesperson said the party will also register a formal complaint with the Governor over the “brazen political activities” of Saadat Hussain, a JK Bank employee on a special deputation to the former Chief Minister’s grievance cell – who also attended the particular meeting at the PDP President’s residence. “For years, Saadat Hussain has defamed, vilified and abused public figures opposed to PDP under the nom de guerre of Ibn-e-Battuta on social networking sites – at times even advocating and justifying violence against certain individuals and the J&K Bank leadership has been aware of this. Despite Saadat Hussain’s illegitimate political activities while on the payrolls of a Public Sector Bank, the JK Bank leadership not only obliged the PDP by deputing him on a special political assignment but has also given him a carte blanche to abuse, vilify and defame public figures – particularly leaders belonging to National Conference. And now the same individual is attending PDP’s political meetings in broad daylight. The party will register a strong complaint over this as well with the Honourable Governor on Monday and will seek appropriate action under the service rules and conventions of the Bank and those that govern employees of Public Sector enterprises,” the NC Spokesperson added.


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