President’s address talks of growth without any commitment from Modi Govt: Soz

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Prof. Saifuddin Soz President Pradesh Congress Committee Wednesday on the resolution presented by the Treasury Benches for the President’s address to the Joint session of Parliament, said “there is a situation of relief in my mind that India has become strong democracy, institutions have also become strong. Otherwise any other country would have collapsed under the burden of an onslaught of propaganda towards the Sectarian Polarization through an unprecedented level of Paid News.”

“Having said this I would like to say that the President’s address is a disjointed document of assertions,” a statement said.

According to a statement issued to KNS, Soz said; “I welcome the assertion related to generation of hopes, improvement of public distribution System and giving the Agriculture production a fillip. We shall see how Mr. Modi will do it differently. But, there are many broader questions in my mind.”

The address talks of growth without any commitment from Modi government taking the growth to a higher level. Gujarat Model has also not been explained; in fact it has all been propaganda. The address has not even mentioned inclusive growth how can there be growth without including weaker Sections, Muslims and other Minorities. Modi Government has asserted that it will show zero tolerance for Extremism and Terrorism. The UPA first and second were committed to this already, I think Modi Government’s intention are not clear. I regret that the BJP did not utter a word on the assassination of an innocent youth belonging to a Minority Community in Pune,  recently.”

“I regret that Modi Ji talks of modernization of Madrassas, it is an ongoing Scheme. What about the implementation of recommendations of Sachar Committee which had rightly been accepted by the Manmohan Singh Government. Modi Government does not say how it will give space to Muslims in the developmental process and in the political power. It is a major question to how many Muslims Modi Ji got into Parliament of India and how  many Muslims had Modi Ji got elected to Gujarat Assembly.”

Soz said that the Major question before the country is  how Modi Ji can built a strong  and modern India without including Muslims , other minorities and weaker sections of society. I remind Modi  Ji and ask him to see a Roll of Honour in the Port-Blair Jail indicating the names of Muslims who suffered incarceration  in that Jail alongwith their brethren.

“I lament that J&K State had been left out from the address. The address does not say a word on rebuilding infrastructure in J&K State and its’ overall Development. It does not say a word on completion of Zoji-LA Tunnel which can connect backward Ladakh region with the main Stream. I regret that the BJP does not want to say anything on the one-time package for the Refugees from Pakistan and PoK settled in Jammu.”

He said that the only thing the address indicated was that Kashmir Pandits should go back to their homes in Kashmir. I regret that the Address does not indicate what the Government was doing for Kashmiri Pandits. “I urge Modi Government to accept the rehabilitation package for Kashmir Pandits that had already been recommended by the J&K Government.”


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