Privilege motion against VK Singh in the assembly

KL Report


President AIP, Er Rashid criticized the government  saying it is shielding “the stooges” who have been exposed by the former army chief.

“I am surprised that that a Hurriyat leader’s house was sealed on the allegation that he received Hawala funds, his house is built on only on five Marla’s of land in Chanepora but a minister who received 1.19 crores according to VK Singh, is still in the cabinet,” Rashid said while speaking on the obituary reference in the assembly on Monday.

Meanwhile Rashid was interrupted by Law and Parliamentary minister Mir Saif Ullah and revealed that his party has already brought a privilege motion against the former army chief VK Singh before the assembly.

There was some exchange of heated arguments between Rashid and Basharat Bukhari of PDP when the former said that nobody in the house was hon’ble. “There is nobody hon’ble in the house because they are the agents of IB and other intelligence agencies,” Rashid said.

Rashid also supported the implementation of United Nations resolutions in Jammu and Kashmir, a demand vibrantly and always made by the separatists only.

“Why is India shying away, it should ask the people of Jammu and Kashmir their opinion through a plebiscite if it is true in its claim that everybody is comfortable with India,” Rashid said leaving all the lawmakers red faced.


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