‘Pro-India parties facilitating, strengthening forced occupation’, says Geelani


Lashing out at pro-Indian parties, Hurriyat Conference chairperson Syed Ali Geelani on Wednesday said that they are “facilitating and strengthening forced occupation” and unless the people disassociate from the elections, the present “state of mayhem and bloodshed will continue”.

In his telephonic address to mourners at the funeral of Tawseef Ahmad, Syed Ali Geelani paid heartfelt tributes to the slain youth.

Referring to pro-Indian parties, he said, “These parties work for the interest of Indian authorities and hence strengthen the forced occupation. It is quite strange that on one hand they are killing our budding youth and on the other, are desperate to enact drama for their pity gains.”

Geelani said the whole nation stands with grieved families and while ridiculing the pro-India parties, said that they are shedding crocodile tears.

“As usual they are playing deceit. They are not sincere, otherwise they would have disassociated from pro-Indian politics.”

“India has lost its battle, said Syed Ali Geelani, “Through its henchmen, India is carrying its game plan.”

Reiterating boycott appeal for upcoming elections on April 9 & 12, Geelani said that it is very painful to see that those carrying the coffins of our youngsters, are extending favor and support to these pro-Indian politicians. “They have no regard for their suffering community. They need to take care of their conscience.”

“These politicians don’t have any worth and hence don’t deserve our vote & support. Jail is the better place for them. They are involved in scandals like corruption, sex rackets, embezzlements.”

The octogenarian leader said that soon as they get into power corridors, they promote liquor trade, narcotics and immodesty, added Geelani.

Geelani while referring to the huge participations of people in funeral prayers of “martyrs”, said that they should honor the blood of these brave hearts and never ever betray their mission.


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