Progress and subjugation cannot go together: Mirwaiz

KL News Network


Reacting to the governor’s speech and the government statement on peace and progress Hurriyat Conference (m) chairperson Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday said that peace and progress are great objectives and basic right of humans world over and who would cherish them more than Kashmiris, to whom they are most elusive, but in an environment of subjugation and repression these objectives cannot be realized in their real sense.

As per a statement speaking at Jamia masjid before Friday congregational prayers Mirwaiz said, “What kind of Peace and progress can be achieved when people feel captive, when they believe that their fundamental political right has been reneged upon and instead their aspirations are met with ruthlessness of force and might, when any space for expression of people’s aspirations is denied through use of force, when the state treats its people as hostile inhabitants and justifies its highhandedness and brutality in the name of maintaining law and order.”

Mirwaiz said, “let us give peace and progress a real chance by respecting the wishes of the people of J&K, and conserving our resources for the progress of the people of the region especially the downtrodden who are in huge numbers rather than on upgrading our military arsenals.”

He said that loss of lives on every side is sad so it is high time that we show maturity and address the basic dispute to the relief of all.


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