Protect Life And Property of Minority In Jammu Or Face Consequences : Er Rashid Warns Govt

KL Report


President Awami Itihaad Party (AIP) and MLA Langate Engineer Rashid has expressed deep anger and anguish over the clashes and communal violence in Chenab valley region.

Addressing a Public meeting in village Mankal in Handwara Saturday he said that few main stream political  parties are playing this pity and dirty game for the vested vote bank politics.

He said the facts and records reveal that congress party is always pleading the card of so called secularism while BJP has been crying communal to grab the vote bank of respective communities.

“There are various forces who talk in communal tune whenever they get a chance. If administration would have taken care of few incidents that have been taken place in the Chenab valley after regular intervals since long, the situation would never have reached the worst as is on date,” Rashid said.

“All the main stream parties have been openly exploiting the people of Chenab valley region for one reason or the other and have allowed the situation to reach a point where unfortunately two communities  have started suspecting each other,” he added and further said that state govt. with the backing of centre has facilitated  creation of the charged communal atmosphere by giving full patronage to extra constitutional village defense committees (VDC) who have left no stone on turned to create communal tension between the two comities which otherwise by and large have always up holded traditions of brotherhood and religious harmony between them.

“It is high time for the introspection for both political and administrative setup to revisit their policies of polarizing the situation,: Rashid said.

He further said that state administration should insure protection to life, property and honor of every citizen of the area irrespective of their political and religious affiliations.

“Rights  of every citizen need to be protected at all costs but unluckily the government and its machinery have failed in avoiding a situation which could have been easily avoided for the reason none other than dirty vote bank politics,” he added.

He further said all those forces who want to divide society on the communal basis should realize that all religions especially Islam lead to humanity and a true Muslim can never be communal. He said that there are conformed and credible reports that BJP had planned it in the organized manner so as to create the communal tension and their rivals who had a political interest in the area tried to cash it their on way.

Rashid urgent upon the state government to take due care of minorities in Jammu and Udhampur districts and cautioned the state government of serious consequences if it failed to protect the rights and life and property of people especially minorities every where in the Jammu province.

He also strongly codemned the firing by VDC ‘terrorists’  in village Kajai Saturday in which three innocents of Muslim minority village got reportedly critically injured and few houses were also set to fire by the ‘state sponsored terrorists’.

He said that the act has exposed the state administration on account of its failure to protect the rights of Muslim innocents in Pirpanchal Valley and also alleged that Muslims in J&K are now being treated as second classs citizens in Jammu Province where Hindu communal forces have completely over powered the state administration.


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