Protest Against Killings in Pakistan

KL Desk

In Kargil more than thirty thousand people participated in a protest rally against the Killings of Minorities in Pakistan, particularly protests to denounce the targeted killing of  Shias across the  country.

The Protest Call was given by the Anjuman-e-Jamiyat Ullama Asna Ashriya (Islamia School Kargil) and was started after the Friday Prayer under the leadership of Imam-e-Juma Wal Jaamat, Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslameen Sheikh Mussa Shariefi.

Protestors chanted slogans against the Government of Pakistan, blaming them for failing to provide security to the Minorities whether it is Hindus, Sikhs, and Other Sectors of Islam

Talking on this occasion “Target killings by the so called Islamic groups like Taliban-e-Pakistan, Laskarae Jhangvi, Sipahae Sahaba etc has to be stopped immediately,” member Youth Wing Islamia School Kargil Murtaza Khalili told the gathering.

The Imam-e-Juma Wal Jaamat, Hujjatul Islam Wal Muslameen Sheikh Mussa Shariefi while addressing to the gathering told that, the killing of Shias in Pakistan has sparked international outrage, with rights groups and regional countries expressing concern over the ongoing carnage. Still, those behind the violence are rarely caught or punished.

He requested the Government of India to pressurize on the Government of Pakistan and also to raise the issue of Minority killings in Pakistan by the’ terrorist groups’.



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