Protest in Islamabad against R&B, protesters threaten to boycott elections

Umar Lone

Islamabad: Protests erupted in South Kashmir when people came on roads against the government’s R&B department to seesk redressal of their grievances.

Sadoora-Islamabad bridge collapsed due to floods

According to reports, people of the villages Sadoora, Babadar, Sangran, Damjan and Fatepora of district Islamabad held a protest against R&B on Sunday. The angry protesters hampered vehicular movement for hours.

They accused government of being unmindful of their problems ss their bridge of Sadoora connecting to the 20 villages of both Islamabad and Devsar constituency which was collapsed due the floods of 2014 has not yet been made functional.

“A Sadoora Islamabad bridge constructed by R&B has collapsed due to the floods of 2014 but since there were no initiatives taken by the government to renovate it till now,” a local told Kashmir Life.

He said that “due to this almost 20 villages of Islamanabad and Devsar constituencies are going through a tough phase when it comes to travel from sadoora to other places.”

A group of locals while talking to Kashmir Life said  “they protested several times before also and even visited couple of concern higher authorities but all in vain.

They threatened that “if their grievances won’t be listened by anyone they will hit the streets again and boycott for all the elections ahead.”


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