Spring Sight

The first sign of Spring in Kashmir is blossom-laden almond trees. As the winter is over, the fragrance of spring is all around. The first place to visit is Badam Waer. Kashmir Life’s Bilal Bahadur visited the place and captured the first sight of the Spring

There goes a long association of bee and flower. As the spring sets in, there is reunion of the two.

As the winter is over, the blossom-laden almond trees are part of Spring in Srinagar’s 14th-century Badam Waer (Almond clove).

The first outing of year is to Badam Waer where families come and enjoy food, tea and other eatables.

The colourful background gives reason to visitors to click selfie and celebrate the moments of togertherness.

Developed and maintained by J&K Bank, the beautiful park is the only place to visit in old city of Srinagar where people can sit, talk and enjoy.

Spread over around 300 kanals of land, Badam Waer, the changing colours of blooming almonds have huge number of visitors flocking the garden.

A local visitor told Kashmir Life that it took him an hour to pass through the area on his two-wheeler.



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