Sisters of Kashmir

By: Faisal Khan


O sisters of Kashmir! I know your plight
But I can’t do anything to prove my might
As shadows of oppressor have ceased my sight
But don’t worry sister, your brother is by your side

I know the dreams you dream in life
I know the husband was killed in front of your eyes
Sister is sister that’s why she is brave
I know your brother lies in the grave

Courage you showed is enough to inspire
The way you live makes me your heir
Killers are killers, that’s why they roam free
Gone are the days when we used to be free

Bedridden you remained for a while
We thought we are going to lose you in a while
Still that day haunts us
Afraid I was, who would stand next to us

Protest you register for dear ones
are you sure you will find them once?
The system has flaws and claws of evil
that’s why we call it devil

You showed the way that I will follow
May be the need of the hour is to swallow
Firing, Killings and Curfew you have seen
this is what we expect from Kashmir

Here comes the end but not the bend
Wipe your tears and share your trend
Again and again we will share the fear
May be the dawn of the freedom is near…..

(Faisal Khan is a Photojournalist based in Kashmir)



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