Lift curbs, face us on political turf: Hurriyat (G) challenges Govt

Srinagar: Accusing police of harassing people to ensure participations in upcoming bye polls, Hurriyat Conference led by Syed Ali Geelani said that it is a well thought plan of administration to create a scare and appalling situation in nook and corner of the state.

Hurriyat patriarch Syed Ali Geelani was arrested when he tried to march towards Islamabad. (File Photo)

In a statement on Sunday, Hurriyat (G) condemned state authorities for unleashing arrest spree & said that it is just to pressurize people & drag them to polling booths. “It is not a democratic process and arrests on large scale has divulged that it is simply a drama, masterminded by forces,” said the spokesman.

Hurriyat (G) statement said that the resistance leadership were arrested or placed under house arrest and prevented to reach to people.

Hurriyat said that people are shocked and feel terrified as police have launched a massive crackdown against youth in South & central Kashmir by arresting hundreds of youth.

“Forces and police personals are blindly chasing youth, nocturnal raids continue to hunt students. Police is detaining them on false grounds and forcing youth to go underground, said spokesman.

The spokesman said “more forces have been deployed to create appalling and tedious situation and forces are continuously patrolling day and night in villages of Islamabad, Kulgam, Shopian and Pulwama.”

Refuting the claim of DG police, and terming his statement a brazen lie, Hurriyat said that it is baseless and far from reality. “He will never come with substantial grounds” and while challenging police statement, Hurriyat said that they act like “armed cowards to break will of freedom lovers and are chasing even the relatives of ‘wanted persons’.”

“We have enough proof & full details and with authenticity, can say that police in order to pressurize families are arresting their relatives or family members for those wanted by police,” said spokesman.

How can they refute the realities when we have enough proof that police are arresting father against brother and vice versa, said spokesman,
Hurriyat Spokesman said holding elections to get a group of legislators is not new in any part of world, however in a democratic setup elections are a part of normal process and process is directed to ascertain people’s verdict and their honour is to be taken care of. “However, in a state like Jammu & Kshmir people’s dignity and honour is in shambles, the situation is quite contradictory and elections are just a mere force drill,” said spokesman.

“People are caged and forced to participate in manipulated elections,” said Hurriyat.

Hurriyat asked state authorities, “to set free all resistance leaders and activists, face on political turf, lift all restrictions and allow them to share their view with people. We are sure people will stay away from these shame elections and unprecedented poll boycott will be observed by electorate,” said Hurriyat while challenging the state authorities.


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