Protesting Engineers Get Support From Joint Action Committee

SRINAGAR: Joint Action Committee of Engineering Graduates Associations on Monday extends its support to the protesting Electrical Engineers.

A meeting of the Executive Council of Joint Action Committee (JAC), an amalgam of various engineering graduate’s associations of CIVIL, MECHANICAL and ELECTRICAL wings, was held today at Srinagar and a threadbare discussion was held about the ongoing indefinite no work strike of Electrical Engineering association.

The JAC, in its press statement, stated that the JAC extends its support to the ongoing protest of the electrical engineers and urged up on the government to consider the legitimate and genuine demands of the electrical engineers and employees in the interest of public service and deliverance.

“We are concerned about the essential services we are providing to the people. Due to the ongoing strike, the essential services have got badly affected. Water supply is disrupted. Most of the Filtration plants and lift water supply schemes are rendered unserviceable. Our drainage and dewatering stations have become idle in absence of the regular power supply. Oxygen plants that we regulate in the hospitals will be affected if this nightmare continues. In view of the weather advisory, it will be more difficult to keep the system working if the power supplies are not smoothly regulated,” reads the statement.

“We urge the administration to roll back the JV program of JKPTCL and delink the salary of the employees from grant-in-aid to the regular budgetary provisions. The government always ignored the legitimate and genuine demands of the engineers, be it the SRO for the approved Assured Career Progression Scheme for the engineers or Regularization of in-charge / adhoc promotions or the dignity of the engineers. Such ignorance on part of the administration has dejected the engineers and the results are before us. We again request the government to fufill its commitment for Assured Career Progression Scheme before this indefinite strike becomes a mass agitation of all the engineering departments,” it reads.

The statement read. Joint Action Committee (JAC) urges up on the government to shun the path of confrontation and immediately accept the demand put forth by Jammu and Kashmir Electrical Engineering Graduates Association ( JKEEGA) and Power Employs and Engineers Coordination Committee (PEECC) as well as the demands of the Joint Action Committee through their memoranda from time to time.


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