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Hanifa along with her family and relatives protesting against Hilal Ahmad (KL image: Zubair Sofi)

A family dispute surfaced on the waters of Dal Lake on Sunday where it is alleged that a man is having multiple wives and continues to lure many others.

Protesting in boats amid rains for consecutive two days, Saturday and Sunday, family of Hanifa Bano alleged that the man she married in 2014, Hilal Ahmad Gosani is already having two wives and children.

Seeking justice for their daughter, the family alleged that Hilal played the foul and deceived them.

In 2014 Abdul Khaliq Shoda, a resident of Reshi Mohallah Dalgate married off his daughter to a good looking man Hilal Ahmad Gosani son of Abdul Gani Gosani, a resident of Nehru Park Srinagar. The first shock to the family came within the first seven days of the marriage. Hanifa alleges that “Gosani’s started harassing her for dowry in first seven days of marriage.”

Managing the crisis she put up brave face and stayed with him. The conflicting situation were part of the life but she brushed them as being “the routine between husband and wife.”

On left is Naseema with her son Zeeshan and on right is Hanifa with her daughter Toiba

The last shock was four days ago when the Shoda family and Hanifa came to know about two other women, both married to Hilal. This all happened when they met Hilal’s other wive in court on February 16.

The first wife, they allege was a tourist now staying in some other state of India. Her credentials they did not know. The second wife is Naseema, 29 from Jammu. Naseema has already registered case against Hilal. Mother of her 4-year-old son, Naseema told Kashmir Life over phone about her sufferings.

She was in courtship with Hilal for three years before getting married in 2008. Naseema says there was resentment from Hilal’s family and the couple stayed in rented accommodation in Raj Bagh.

The first two weeks, Hilal was head over heels in love with Naseema, but after that Naseema alleges that “he started behaving rudely”. “When I conceived he kicked me in the womb which lead me to miscarriage,” she said. The couple after that separated for two years.

The reconciliation took place in 2013 and couple started to live again together. Naseema gave birth to male baby, Zeeshan, who is now 4-year-old.  “He left me and my son in the hospital and never came back,” said Naseema.

Hilal Ahmad Gosani. Picture provided by family of Hanifa Bano

On Sunday Hanifa echoed Naseema when she said that after conceiving, Hilal’s mother Freacha Bano kicked her womb many times which resulted in premature birth of a daughter. Hanifa alleges that they wanted to abort the baby. She further alleges that Gosani’s used to “beat me with the gun butt which they use for hunting”

Hanifa is mother of 7-month-old Toiba and she alleges Hilal has many other “illicit relationships.”

“From last two days we are protesting in Dal Lake to aware others about the man and his deeds so that they don’t fall prey to him and ruin life of their daughters,” said Hanifa.

Kashmir Life talked to police officials of Nehru Park police station about the allegations, the officials responded “we advised the family to approach to the court regarding the matter. Court will direct us and we will start investigation.”



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