PSAJK welcomes government decision not to ban schools of Falah-E-Aam Trust


Private Schools Association of Jammu and Kashmir (PSAJK) has welcomed the government decision to keep educational institutes outside the ambit of sealing, in the wake of the ban on Jamaat-e-Islami J&K.

The Association said that the decision has come at the right time and will save the career of around one lakh students.

“The state was at the brink of an educational disaster as there were reports and attempts to seal educational institutes run by Falah-e-Aam trust. Now as the government has clarified that schools, mosques and orphanages will be kept outside the scope, it has provided relief to the general public,” said G N Var, Chairman PSAJKJ

The Association, however, cautioned the government that the relief should not be a temporary step but a permanent feature. “Allowing these schools to run shouldn’t be a one-time step, but it should be made a permanent policy that schools, orphanages and health institutes be treated as apolitical bodies,” said Var.

“We appeal the government to see these institutes through the eyes of humanity and if there are any complaints, use institutes like Directorate of School Education or concerned directorate to inspect, monitor and suggest remedial measures. The ban should be out of the question for all times,” he said.

The Association said that the government should also clarify on the bank accounts and finances of the schools, mosques and orphanages.

“Most of their finances involve transparent transactions and poor people and deserving students get financial aid from these bodies. They are benefiting thousands of families every month and any disruption can cause great distress for people in need and also destroy the career of bright students. These institutes do the work of departments like that of Social Welfare as they provide benefit to deserving poor people at their doorsteps,” said Var.

The Association said that there is a number of other ways to keep a check on institutes but banning shouldn’t be one of them.


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