PSAK offers free remedial classes from December 16


private Schools Association of Kashmir (PSAK) on Wednesday said that they are ready to take additional measures so that the education sector becomes child-friendly while maintaining its quality.

PSAK, Spokesman said that they will be offering help to students wherever they need. “Private tuitions and unnecessary coaching are becoming a huge issue impacting not only children physically, mentally but financially too. All this can be saved with few measures,” said G N Var president PSAK.
“We have decided to open our schools who have good infrastructure from 16th of December to provide remedial classes to our students. The students will be helped in their studies with a focus on weaker subjects.” Var added.

The Association said that the student will be charged only for heating, stationary and transport. All those schools who have required infrastructure will start the classes from Saturday. It will be completely voluntary for parents to send students to schools. There is no compulsion on anybody and only those who want to attend such classes can come.

The Association said that in the current scenario a student is taught same subjects from multiple sources and with the result he or she is unable to learn and memorize things and use his mind creatively.
“It is killing creativity among students and they are unable to even memorize the basic concepts as they are always under pressure from teachers,” said Var

The Association also called on the Government to allow the schools to decide the academic calendar as a large number of holidays affect their working. The unnecessary holidays should be struck off the academic calendar and government should also do away with old laws and regulation whose only motive is to choke the growth of private sector.


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