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International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) today expressed serious concern over the arrest of a French freelance journalist Paul Comiti in Srinagar on International Human rights day.

Comiti, who was arrested by Jammu and Kashmir police on December 10 for violating Visa regulations, has since been released on bail, yesterday.

The IFJ demanded the immediate release of the journalist.

On Sunday, police arrested Comiti for ‘violating visa regulations’ by filming protest activities in Kashmir and presented him to the court, which remanded him in custody for five days. Comiti, 47, was visiting Kashmir to research for his documentary on a business visa valid until December 2018.

He IFJ in a statement said “the Kashmir Valley has been dealing with an armed conflict and separatist movement since 1990. Journalists in the region have been working under extreme stress, threats and intimidation from the various actors in the conflict. Reporting the situation on the ground and informing the public is challenging, as the government and security forces attempt to restrict mobility, block access to sources and arbitrarily shut down telephone services and the internet.”  (Kashmir Wire)



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