Questioning JKP

When Jitendra Singh, a MoS in PMO, and MP from Udhampur Lok Sabha constituency, of which Kathua is a part, endorsing the idea of handing over the investigation of Kathua minor girl’s rape and murder case to CBI, he has a clear message for the state’s government and the police: we don’t trust you.

Singh told a TV channel: “If people feel they don’t have faith in the police or crime branch investigation and the case needs to be handed over to the CBI, I don’t think there is any problem.”

In an apparent response to Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti’s tweet – where she said she is “horrified” by the protests in favour of Deepak Khajuria – Singh criticised the politicians making ‘judgmental remarks’.

Emboldened by Singh’s statement, the Hindu Ekta Manch (HEM), which was solely formed to save Deepak, cited examples of Shopain double murder and rape case to make their point against the State Police.

But according to sources, HEM mostly constitutes of people with the questionable background, especially those who have been part of a larger conspiracy against minorities in Jammu region.

If rumours in Jammu are to be believed these Manch members want Deepak out as the rapist SPO is in the know-how of their alleged dirty secrets.

The argument that JKP is not capable of doing justice with the investigation holds no grounds.

Given the state police’s track-record in counterinsurgency, and other policing activities, which are hailed by the same set of people in Jammu and Delhi, it becomes highly suspicious when JKP’s integrity is questioned by a senior level BJP minister. Or is state BJP, which on one hand has distanced itself from HEM, trying to communalise Jammu and create a favourable ground for upcoming general assembly elections of 2019. These questions need to be answered before fingers are raised by state’s police who are in the final stage of their investigation.

BJP and its informal allies like HEM have successfully diverted the attention from solving the crime to communalization of the overall situation in an already fragile place like Jammu and Kashmir. But the shifting of the case to CBI, if that happens, would be the ultimate failure of the PDP led collation government, setting a bad precedent; and an irreparable dent to the morale of the investigating agency. Law must take its own course.


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