A bad film by a mad man that mocks Islam’s most revered prophet has triggered a severe crisis throughout the Muslim world. It has paralyzed the routine, impacted the growth and triggered new animosities. A section of anarchical Libyans attacked the US mission and killed the US ambassador who incidentally had contributed in the country’s battle against its dictatorship. This incident marked the beginning of the chain of events that dominated the scene throughout. In the neighbouring Pakistan, many people have died in the senseless violence.

For most of their history, Muslims have never permitted fiddling with their basics or any deliberate attempt at hurting their sentiments. This is primarily why there is no corruption in the Muslim scriptures, as happened with earlier divine gospels – all the new old and new testaments. Muslims are unlikely to show tolerance if they are ridiculed for their faith, culture and the larger Islamic principles. The reaction to such provocations is also an assertion of their identity as a major demography of the world.

Over the years, Muslims have been singled out by the Western policy makers as the major trouble makers across the world. This is despite the fact that the idea of democracy is being denied to a vast section of the Muslim world simply because the autocratic regimes and despots are allies to the so called champions of democracy. The Arab Spring is just a key indicator of this larger reality that the Muslim world needs to fight for this basic right even in 21st century. The literature that was produced after 9/11 has added to this crisis. An entire generation is facing a crisis for the sins that just a gang of extremists committed. The unfortunate part of the situation is that this literature is becoming the new basis for framing foreign policy of the influential countries that have larger say on the global power chessboard.

In this situation, when an amateur video mocking at the faith of a major community of the world makes its way to the public domain, the reaction becomes a movement. That is exactly what is happening. The way the racial biases have colluded itself into a full-fledged subject of anti-Islam, the Muslim world is witnessing the emergence of anti-Americanism, which is much ferocious that it was in the socialist world at the peak of cold war. It is not a good indicator of coming days. Nevertheless, Muslim should evolve and stop becoming reactionaries. The violence should stop becoming the sole lingo of reaction and communication with every mad man who will use a provocation to fulfil his perverted obsession.


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