Railways Achieve 85% Electrification Of Route In JK

SRINAGAR: The electrification of the Broad Gauge (BG) route in Jammu & Kashmir’s Ferozpur Division marks a significant milestone in railway electrification for Indian Railways. This accomplishment is expected to enhance rail connectivity and increase train speeds in the Union Territory.

According to an official, Indian Railways has electrified 85% of route kilometres, making significant progress towards achieving Mission 100% Electrification and becoming the world’s largest green railway network. The official stated, “Under Indian Railways’ mission of 100% electrification, total electrification of 298 RKM of Broad Gauge (BG) route in Jammu & Kashmir UT has been completed. This will improve rail connectivity and the speed of trains in the region. Indian Railways is rapidly progressing to accomplish Mission 100% Electrification and become the largest green railway network in the world.”

According to the official, achieving 100% electrification in Jammu & Kashmir’s Ferozpur Division has ensured eco-friendly railway transportation, resulting in a reduced dependence on imported crude oil and saving valuable foreign exchange for the nation.

He stated that switching to electric traction has offered numerous benefits, including an environmentally friendly mode of transport, reduced reliance on imported diesel fuel, lower carbon footprints, reduced operating costs, increased haulage capacity of electric locomotives, higher throughput, and increased sectional capacity by eliminating detention on account of traction change.

The official further explained, “It also saves specific energy consumption and enables the haulage of heavier freight trains and longer passenger trains.” (KNO)


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