Rains Continue to Inundate Interior Lanes, Roads in Old City



While the intermittent continue to lash Valley on the fifth consecutive day on Sunday, the interior lanes as well as the main roads in Old City area continue to remain inundated. However, authorities act as mute spectator with taking no action over it.

The normal life in old City was disrupted due to the continuous inundation of rainwater in several areas, locals said.

The residents living in and around the Srinagar city alleged that the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) has left them on God’s mercy as they are yet dewater the area inundate with the muddy water.

The inundated areas including, Lal Bazar, Karfali Mohalla, Bana Mohallah, Baba Demb and others in the old city are inundated with rain water from last more than four days. “We are facing immense hardships due to the accumulation of rain water in our water. The SMC officials reluctance to dewater our area are forced us to remain in the four walls of our houses,” Zubair Ahmad Namak, a resident of Baba Demb told KNS.

He said that authorities should immediately take necessary steps to redress the genuine grievances of residents here. “Despite having machines and workers, the why authorities are dillydallying to dewater our area,” he said.

However, SMC officials said that the process to dewater the inundated areas is in progress. “We are trying our level best and hopefully all the inundated areas will be dewatered soon,” they said.


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