Rana Rejects Sacrifice Theory, Says Matter of Pride To Work For Party

KL Desk


Rejecting the assumption that he had to sacrifice the post of advisor to Chief Minister for making it easier for the CM to effect changes in the state cabinet, former political advisor to the Chief Minister, Davinder Singh Rana said he was indebted to the NC leadership for vesting him with a “huge responsibility”.

“It is a privilege and a matter pride for me that the party leadership found me worth holding the responsibility of Provincial President. It is a huge responsibility and I am thankful to the party leadership for magnanimity on their part”, said Rana while talking to KNS, soon after being appointed as the Provincial President of National Conference for Jammu Province.

He said that he was determined and hopeful of being successful in his endeavours in the party fold.

Rana said the cabinet reshuffle announced on Tuesday was a preparation for 2014 elections. “The leadership wants to strengthen the party. We welcome the leadership’s decision and are committed to work hard and put in every effort for a successful show in 2014”, he added.

He rejected the notion that some party leaders were disgruntled after having been left out of the cabinet. “That is not the fact. It is a party decision and has to be endorsed by all. Elections are a test for any party and we need to be fully prepared for the upcoming elections. We are hopeful of a strong show in 2014”, Rana said.

He said the decision of the working president and Chief Minister Omar Abdullah was based on farsightedness and will have far reaching positive results for the party in 2014


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