Rasheed asks Govt to come clean over charges of using chemical weapons


Expressing concern over the allegations leveled by Lashkar-e-Toiba regarding use of chemical and other deadly weapons being used in Kashmir and mutilating bodies of militants and civilians, MLA Langate Engineer Rasheed has asked government to come clean over the issue.

Er Rasheed. KL File Image

In a statement issued today, Rasheed said that in different parts, especially southern Kashmir, the bodies of militants are mutilated and then spread on social media which by all means deserves immediate attention and condemnation.

He said, “There is no dispute over the fact that while all international laws and conventions ensure due respect to dead bodies irrespective of their ideologies and circumstances, it is duty of the state to tell the truth. “Once someone is dead the animosity has to go. The mutilation of bodies is something which Kashmiris have been witnessing since long but the charges leveled by LeT regarding use of chemical weapons are something that cannot be ignored.”



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