Rasheed asks PDP, NC to support UN resolutions before calling Kashmir ‘a political issue’


Independent leader and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Monday have asked NC and PDP to stop befooling masses by crying that J&K dispute is a political issue.

The spokesman said that it is only UN resolutions which make Kashmir a political issue and once one stops talking about UN resolutions, the significance and the very existence of Kashmir dispute gets demolished.

The spokesman quoted the Rasheed saying “Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti need to understand and accept the fact that it is only because of the UN resolutions that people talk everywhere about the J&K dispute. If UN resolutions are taken out J&K would be like one of those hundreds of princely states which joined India or Pakistan in 1947.

UN resolutions make Azad Kashmir also a part of the dispute and thus Pakistan too becomes a party to the dispute. Mehbooba Mufti’s claim that whatsoever Kashmiris will get, they will get it only from India is itself contradictory to the basic nomenclature and title of the dispute. There is no scope to call J&K a political issue if UN resolutions are not taken into consideration unless all the three parties do agree to some resolution outside UN resolutions. If Kashmiris give up UN resolutions or these resolutions turn irrelevant then what is the need to talk to Pakistan and all those including Mehbooba Mufti and Omer Abdullah appealing for talking to Pakistan without believing in UN resolutions are hypocrites.

Rasheed accused that NC and PDP of making an issue out of Drabu’s statement without being sincere to the political dispute itself. He said “If both these regional parties believe J&K to be a political dispute they must give up their agenda of autonomy and stress for UN resolutions. Unless they don’t do so, their every hue and cry of calling J&K dispute a political issue will mean nothing except helping in maintaining a status-quo and an attempt to prolong the resolution to the dispute.”


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